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Any academic document written for submission to a university board or a publisher must be flawless. However, it is not easy to create a report that has no errors and will impress the editors and reviewers. That is where 360 Editing comes in. We have introduced a unique editing service for all academic documents at masters and PhD level. Whether you need to refine a thesis, dissertation, journal paper or article, we will be able to provide you the best service. This enables us to give 360 degree coverage to our clients.

The motive behind this service is to cater to scholars in Spain, as well as Spanish students across the world. They often face challenges in drafting high quality documents since they have English as the second language.

With 360 Editing, you can learn what errors you make and how they can be eradicated. We present an editing report where mistakes are highlighted and comments are added for corrections.


Our editors have immense experience in the field of academic editing and have worked with reputed universities as well as publication houses. They have knowledge of academic English writing skills, as well as Spanish language. So, they are able to communicate with students without any hitch and explain the finer points of editing to them.

The editors are responsible for your document till the time you are 100% satisfied with the quality. With our editors by your side, you will be able to submit an excellent document which gets approved in the first attempt. You can get in touch with our team by writing to us at

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